Wait… that was my Recipe for Hot Wings!

Dear God, thank you for the nice day. I really, really need a chemistry set, God. That’s what you need to mix up chemicals. You can even make a volcano if you have the right chemicals and you know how to do it. First you take some… hot sauce… and some sugar, and salt and lots of pepper. And some vinegar. And then you take some baking soda and stir that in, and then you have a giant, squoozhing, erupting VOLCANO that will erupt lava FOREVER. And after I’m done with the chemistry set, I need a rocket. Those work by… by taking you into space. But you know that. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Who Knew Adults Could Be So Useful

Dear God, thank you for the whole world that you made, and for my family. Thanks for the adults that you made. Some of them are pretty useful. When I cut my forehead and had to go to the hospital, the doctor was an adult. He gave me stitches and now my cut is better. Well, not better, but it’s pretty good. So thanks for that adult. In Jesus’ name, amen.