What’s in a Name

Dear God, thanks for the nice day. But I don’t like it when I have to sleep all by myself. I just don’t like being alone. Why can’t we hear you, God? [pause] Oh… right, because you’re invisible. [sigh] All right, in Jesus’ name, amen. Why is Jesus’ name “Amen”, anyways, Mom?

(“It’s not, Buddy. That’s just a way of saying that we know that we can talk to God like a friend because Jesus helps us to.”)

Well, what does “name” mean in God’s world? I mean in the Ancient Language.

(“Do you mean you want to know what God’s name is?”)


(“God has lots of names. One of His main ones is Yahweh.”)

[giggling uncontrollably] Yahweh?! That’s the one He PICKED? Ahahaha!


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