I’m pretty sure that’s an exhaustive list, God

Dear God, thank you for the nice day. Thank you for ALL the things I need. Like respect. And hope. And manners. And sunscreen. Everyone needs sunscreen when they go outside. Even Spiderman, right God? We wouldn’t want Spiderman to get a sunburn just because he made that mistake. In Jesus’ name, amen.


4 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure that’s an exhaustive list, God

  1. Katheryn, I love this list! If Paul had started in on that apostle thing while young and started listing the fruit of the spirit, it might have been phrased somewhat the same way.

    I’m glad Jeannie linked here from her place. These prayers are a hoot! (Sweet too, you know.)


    • Thanks Tim! Now I’m imagining an elder in the Galatian church reading from a scroll that they need to work on their manners, and the congregation nodding emphatically at each other. “But… what is this ‘sunscreen’?”

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