You sure did that one!

Dear God, thank you for everything! We just love everything! Thank you for my Batman toy. Actually, thank-you to Mommy for that, because she’s the one who got it for me. Thank you for our house. Actually, thank-you to the builders for the house since they made it. Thank you for the whole world! You sure did that one! Thank you for making people. I’m not sure why you decided to call them “people”. But that’s okay. In Jesus’ name, amen.

You can’t make me be Thankful for them

(The Darndest Team is grinning even more than usual about this entry – our first submission from one of our readers! Keep ’em comin’!)

God, thank you for keeping us safe and for keeping everyone safe. Thank you for forgiving our sins and forgiving everyone in the whole world. Thank you for everything you made, except scooters.